Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time for a plan

Sitting next to the lake at uni getting a good dose of vitamin D, and contemplating how to clean up my diet.
There are certain circumstances that it can be really hard to stay paleo. One of those is when you live with my mother.
My dad is no problem because he has read The Paleo Solution (finally after much arguing with me) and is a complete convert. Mum, however, has not and will not read it. She is addicted to the bakery section of Coles, loves skim milk, thinks every meal must contain either pasta, rice or white potatoes, and is basically the nemesis of my desired diet.
Its okay when I go shopping with her because I can steer her away from the baked goods and the pasta aisle, and she only gets away with a few naughties when I'm not quick enough. But sometimes she sneaks out without me and comes back with cargoes of cakes, pastries, lasagnas and pizzas..... :|
I try to resist, I really do. But that shit is hard! Every paleo blogger out there instructs you to rid your house of junk because resisting temptation is too hard. Yet here I am, week after week, having to stare at Apple Danishes. Argh!
So I think it's time for a meal planner.
Here's my plan of attack:
1. Seek out awesome and delicious paleo-friendly dinner recipes.
2. Pick 6 to make in the next week (one night for crazy spontaneous wild eating)
3. Create a shopping list of everything I'll need, and go buy it.
4. Don't let mum buy anything!
5. Eat as planned.
I'm only planning dinner because breakfast is always some combination of eggs, bacon, veggies, seasoning, and lunch is left-over dinner or salad. Sometimes I go nuts on the weekend with paleo pancakes or similar.
Okay off to search recipes now... wish me luck!

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