Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dripstone Cliffs

WildChild and I did a little exploring this morning and found some (I think) pretty cool stuff...

The best thing was Dripstone Point, in between two cliff outcrops we found a little alcove area that had tree roots cascading down the sides and water trickling down from who-knows-where, out to the ocean. Shame the magic of it was ruined by some litter, otherwise it felt like being somewhere that fairies might meet. The jogger with a smelly dog didn't help either.

On the outside of our fairy den, there was some beautifully coloured cliffs and rocks. Apparently the Larrakia Nation People use/d for painting themselves for rituals and ceremonies.
...Which I was quite interested to learn because in the sand there were footprints, lots of them all going the same anti-clockwise direction, that formed a rather large oval shape. There was a bit of a nucleus inside the oval where the sand was also disturbed, but the footprints there were all over, and not clear. I'm thinking dancing?
I wish I could find out more. The prints can't have been there very long because the tide comes right up to the cliffs everyday and covers the entire beach.

The last notable thing was big concrete slabs imbedded in the cliffs, I only found two but I wonder if there's more around the other side. They are full of rusting steel and are very clearly man made. I'd guess they were something from WWII, but I couldn't even begin to guess at their function.

I feel that I need to get my Nancy Drew on and get investigating...

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