Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 10

I really wanted a glass of wine last night, but didn't have one. I'm kind of proud of myself. Small things lol
I'm sore from my workout yesterday too.
I did have a slice of pizza (damn brothers!) which was the only blemish on my otherwise very healthy day.
I'm seeing patterns of lots of little hiccups everyday. And huge hiccups (spews even) on the weekend, especially if I drink.
Drinking is a double edged sword. Not only is it unhealthy in and of itself, but it also makes you crave unhealthy foods, and not want to workout. And it makes you do dumb things too, ha. Triple edged?
Shame that it's such a good time really.

I think my waist is definitely slimming with the reduced alcohol intake. That's good :)
Also my legs are starting to tone up and even slim down a little because of my elliptical obsession, which is excellent.
Hooray for the gym! And not drinking! Haha

Now if only I could stop myself spending the money I'm saving from not drinking on nails and sales...
I kind of really like my nails now though, I feel so feminine.
I also feel superficial, vapid, and vain... But hey. There's some kind of equation to balance "beauty" and "being a whole and interesting person" I'm sure. Got to work that out. Maybe I'm just prejudiced.

I'm thinking about doing a Whole 30... ( ).
It's basically a month of perfect eating.

Though I might need to start with a whole fortnight first. A whole week even would be good. Baby steps.

Anyways here's my day.

Black coffee
Iced coffee
Grilled chicken salad (excellent! Will buy again, maybe change the mushrooms to something else though) and water

Rest day from the gym. Well it was going to be, just cuz. Then I went anyway because I knew I really wanted to. Deeper down.

And now I'm heating up Chinese mincemeat my dad made last night for dinner.
And I really really want a glass of wine. Don't do it Jayne! Don't do it!

Will I? Won't I? Find out this and more tomorrow on the epic adventure - "Day 11".

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