Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 15

So I'm continuing longer than I thought.
I'm actually finding doing this really helpful.
I can't fool myself into forgetting all the small ways I undermine myself, and how regularly I do it.

Definitely time for a Whole 30.
And with Easter coming this weekend. Maybe that's bad timing. ...OR maybe it's great timing.
I can do it. I just need to prepare and plan.


Well anyway today was:

Woke up. Coffee
Uni for a few hours
Gym - elliptical
Home, had sausage, and cucumber salad
Dinner was crumbed fish, roast potato and pumpkin, green peas, and salt-n-pepper tomato slices.

But after dinner, had chocolate and cider. Tsk tsk.

So... Whole 30 start tomorrow?

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