Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 6 & 7 weekend :-D

Day 6:
Had a Hungry Jacks chicken burger (minus one half the bun) coming home from a night out.
Then had chocolate for breakfast
Then had Hungry Jacks again for lunch :-S

No exercise to speak of, except for playing in the pool with WildChild.

And snacked on soya crisps D-:
And then drank all night.

Terrible day for health really lol

Sunday wasn't really any better
Had pizzas and coke for lunch
Sausages for dinner and wine after dinner while I read a new book (Dodger by Terry Pratchett)

Only exercise was playing in the pool. I actually really missed the gym, but I couldn't go because they don't have child minding sadly. Probably should have gone for a long walk...

Anyhoo, will be healthier this week :)

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