Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 4

Got up at 7:30
Had two black coffees

Went to class
Lunch was a chicken, bacon and salad roll, but I didn't eat the roll. The chicken was breaded though. Thank gods I'm not coeliac, because I think my uni doesn't even acknowledge their existence, even the salads are full of what products!
Also had an iced coffee.

Gym then. Elliptical machine for 4.49km and 311 calories. Wasn't feeling so crash hot, I think it was because I'd just eating, and I usually do it the other way around.
Also I bought a month membership for the gym. Now I'm committed. $20 a week is a pretty good deal I think, and the manager said she'd let me even sneak into yoga classes for FREE (you are supposed to pay for the gym and the classes separately), win!

Watched an episode of True Blood (OMG everyone has gone so EVIL, I'm horrified!), got WildChild, then got some groceries.
Ate one small spoonful of chocolate ice-cream, and three grapes lol.
Had a few sips of an iced coffee but decided I didn't want it.

Dinner is bratwurst, mashed potato, roasted broccoli and sweet potato (in coconut oil with garlic and cayenne)

No wine tonight!

I just want to say, to end this, that I am in love with the elliptical machine. It makes me feel like I'm running, but it doesn't hurt my knee at all! Also my boobs don't feel so much like they're pendulum swinging from my chin to my belly button!
Three cheers for the elliptical! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

The end :)

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