Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Sir Terry Pratchett infatuation

I adore the man.
The things he says, the way he writes...
He is so very well read, it makes me wish I was a student of history and literature. His knowledge of the past astounds me, and his visions of the potential of people always terrify me, or give me hope.
He knows that females, while distinct and unique, are just as capable, and just as three-dimensional in their character and their lives, as any male. It is such a loss to the world that more male writers (and in fact males in general) don't share this knowledge.
He seems to never stop pursuing knowledge, and is constantly revising his beliefs and understandings. Even Alzheimer's won't stop him writing and thinking. He just works out how to adapt and keeps going.
His imagination, creativity, and ability to make links is phenomenal.
And who else can make people think deeply and seriously about human horrors while simultaneously making them laugh?

But anyway. Enough of my gushing. I'm on a high because I just finished his latest (and non-Discworld) novel called Dodger, which is a slightly-historical fantasy set in Victorian era London.
I quite missed the magic and absurdity of the Discworld in this, but it was still a riveting adventure, full of the usual intrigue, trickery and cleverness that is any of Sir Terry's books.
I very much enjoyed the brief history lesson at the end too, where the actual historical figures who feature in the story are explained in a little more detail.
But my favourite part of all is the collection of quotes at the *very* end, from a character called Solomon Cohen.

Here they are for you to read and consider.
And if you find nothing at all in these words to stew and ponder over, I feel very sad for you indeed...

(Hope they're readable lol)

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