Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 3

Yesterday didn't end so well. I ended up eating some Doritos and chocolate after dinner, watching a Doctor Who marathon with my brothers :-/

Oh well, new day :)

Got up at 8:30 (bed late...)
Two black coffees and an apple/macadamia/coconut mix that I made for WildChild. She rejected it and had coconut and honey instead.

Epic shopping spree (I LOVE that there's a Bardot store right near my house that always has amazing things on the sales racks)
Lunch is a small Sumo salad, mix of beef & roast pumpkin and chicken avocado. And a bottle of water.

Gym at 12
Did my usual elliptical "run", apparently burnt 316calories. Does anyone know, is that even possible? I thought half an hour of cardio was waay less effective than that. Hmm.
Also did 50 sit ups with 4kg medicine ball, and 100 Russian twists with the medicine ball too.
Annnd in the shower I did 20 half squats and 20 rear leg lifts each side too.
All in all I'm feeling pretty worked out.
Iced coffee for recovery.

Another iced coffee at 3, meeting up with a group member for uni.

Afternoon I played in the pool with WildChild for about half an hour too.

Dinner was a stir fry (I really should post the recipe too, it was delicious)

And I'm being bad, and because I had two glasses of wine too....

Damn. I'm really not getting the hang of this at all... Lol

Well... Here's a picture of what I wore today. I thought I looked a bit cute :)
Too bad I was already in my swimmers and about to jump in the pool when I thought of taking a picture :-P

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